QuickBox Pro – v0.9.5

A word about this release This is considered a major version release, and as such, we have moved the version to v0.9.5 to reflect this. All app installations have been modified for compatibility.

QuickBox Pro – v0.7.3

This version is considered a maintenance release. Additional to a few variables cleaned up, we have also built in some useful utilities, one such utility is the fixUpdate. This is a handy command for use if you find that your system is returning a dpkg lock error on updates etc. This utility has been included as a standard in all application build processes as well.

QuickBox Pro – v0.7.2

Version 0.7.2 adds resolve to a couple of updates that were made to apps by their developers. Most notably is the build on Radarr. Radarr recently updated their archive to no longer contain the .develop. value within the archive, as such, builds were failing. We are now extracting the archive with the proper naming scheme to reduce bad builds.

QuickBox Pro – v0.7.1

With the release of v0.7.1 we address a couple of key issues. One issue users with fresh installs were facing was the connection between rTorrent and Radarr/Sonarr. We have addressed this quandary by ensuring the mono sources are properly imported. Another big push is the inclusion of some 260 additional public trackers added to the block list, for those looking to block publics, this is great news!