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Command Line Interface

Despite having an easy to use dashboard, some users prefer using terminal to execute certain commands! We’ve compiled a list of all QuickBox commands to make life a little bit easier.

Auto Complete
Now you are able to tab to “auto complete”. Simply start typing a command and hit tab you’ll be presented with a list of valid qb commands, if there is only a single possible command following your input, tab will complete your current input to that


In order for these commands to work on QuickBox Pro, you must do sudo su - first then type in your command.

It is important that you elevate your permissions first of all. You can do this by doing sudo su - including the hyphen.

These commands are NOT for the community version of QuickBox.

System Commands

qb api – Enters API Management
qb api APIKEY – Forcibly enters new API Key
qb fix dpkg – Fixes dpkg locks
qb fix encode – Fixes ionCube installation
qb fix php – Fixes wrong PHP version
qb fix siteroot domain.com – Fixes the siteroot on incorrect entry
qb fix version – Fixes current QuickBox Pro Version
qb fix website – Fixes common website issues
qb support enable/disable – Enables/Disables QuickBox support user account
qb update check– Checks for QuickBox Pro update (Reports to Dashboard)
qb update install– Updates QuickBox Pro
qb auto update enable/disable– Enables/Disables auto updates for QuickBox Pro
qb update lang– Updates QuickBox Pro language files
qb tracker enable/disable public – Enables/Disables public tracker hosts support
qb clean [option] – Clean SQL App Log

User Commands

qb user set [username] [size]
qb user [admin|ban|delete|show|unban] [username]
qb user create [username] ['password'] [size(if quota)]
qb user password [username] ['new password']

Application Commands

qb install plex USERNAME CLAIM_PLEX_TOKEN – Plex ability to claim plex server on install 
qb install rclone username – Installs unencrypted rclone
qb install rclone username encrypted – Installs encrypted rclone
qb rclone upload username –  Forces rclone sync (Use tab after upload to get a listing of usernames!)
qb install unifi yourdomain.com –  Installs the Unifi controller dashboard
qb install [application name] [username] – Can install any application
qb remove [application name] [username] – Can remove any application
qb update [application name] [username] – Can update most applications (Use qb update tab to get a listing of updatable apps)

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