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Despite having an easy to use dashboard, some users prefer using terminal to execute certain commands! We’ve compiled a list of all QuickBox Pro commands to make life a little bit easier.

System Commands:

clean log – Clean SQL App Log
clean mem – Clean System memory
fix dpkg – Fixes dpkg locks
fix encode – Fixes ionCube installation
fix php – Fixes wrong PHP version
fix siteroot domain.com – Fixes the siteroot on incorrect entry
fix version – Fixes current QuickBox Pro Version
fix website – Fixes common website issues
logGen – Generates system logs to /tmp/qbLog.tar.gz
nginxUpdate help – Information about the nginxUpdate command
quickSupport help – Information about the quickSupport command
reload – Reload autodl-irssi and rtorrent for the user
updateNotice – Checks for QuickBox Pro update
updateQuickBox – Updates QuickBox Pro

User Management Commands:

manageUser admin 'username' – Promotes ‘username’ to Super Admin
manageUser ban 'username' – Bans ‘username’ from accessing applications
manageUser create 'username' 'password' – Creates a new user
manageUser change 'username' 'newpass' – Updates password for ‘username’
manageUser delete 'username' – Deletes the specified user
manageUser set 'username' 500GB – Sets the quota for ‘username’ to 500GB
manageUser show 'username' – Shows the disk space used by ‘username’
manageUser unban 'username' – Unbans ‘username’

Application Commands:

appname install – Installs application for all users
appname install username – Installs application for username
appname remove – Removes application for all users
appname remove username – Removes application for username
appname update – Updates application for all users
appname update username – Updates application for username
rtorrent install 0.9.4 – Installs rtorrent 0.9.4
rtorrent install 0.9.6 – Installs rtorrent 0.9.6
rtorrent install 0.9.7 – Installs rtorrent 0.9.7
rtorrent install feature-bind – Installs rtorrent feature-bind
rtorrent remove 0.9.4 – Removes rtorrent 0.9.4
rtorrent remove 0.9.6 – Removes rtorrent 0.9.6
rtorrent remove 0.9.7 – Removes rtorrent 0.9.7
rtorrent remove feature-bind – Removes rtorrent feature-bind
vpn install – Installs OpenVPN
vpn update – Updates OpenVPN configuration
vpn remove – Removes OpenVPN

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