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Have you spotted some documentation that we are missing in our Knowledge Base? Have you noticed that we don’t have a guide on how to do something in particular?

Whilst we are adding to our Knowledge Base each and every day, sometimes we don’t always create the content that our customers need or want. So why not help us out by letting us know when we haven’t got an article!

We are always looking to expand our Knowledge Base and we want it to be a wealth of resource and information and if you think of something that should be created, then there are a number of ways that you can do so.

An Idea for an Article

If you’ve got an idea for an article, then follow the steps below;

  1. Join our Discord Channel here
  2. In any channel, use the following format to add your idea to our list of Knowledge Base Articles
!kb-add <your idea here>

This will then be added to our list, and our Support Staff will see if we already have an article based on this, or create a brand new one.

Write an article yourself

You can write an article yourself and submit it straight over to our support teams directly! Just create an email to [email protected] with the subject of “KB Article Idea” and then write out your article in there.

Please write in as clear English as possible and provide listed steps in what you are writing about. We should be able to follow the steps ourselves

We will then review the content and if we believe it is valid, then we’ll create an article based on it.

Please note: we will not be able to provide feedback on all articles created and we will not be able to add all articles either. Whilst we love having our community interact with us, you will not receive a response from us about any article ideas you submit.

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Please add bugs found in QuickBox Pro using this template:

Bug Report
Select Bug Report as the issue template

Please add feature requests for application inclusion in QuickBox Pro using this template:

Application Feature Request
Select Application Feature Request as the issue template

Please add feature requests for general QuickBox Pro using this template:

Select General Feature Request as the issue template
Select General Feature Request as the issue template

Viewing issues as well as feature requests does not require an account.

You will need to create an account on our Lab in order to post both Issues as well as Feature Requests.
You can register an account here if you do not already have one.

We look forward to your reports as well as your ideas and suggestions for ongoing developments to the QuickBox Pro software!

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