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Gestion des applications

Avec QuickBox, l’installation et la désinstallation de vos applications préférées sont faites avec un simple clic d’un bouton. Visualisez vos applications installées actuelles, vos configs de sauvegarde et plus encore. La configuration de votre application préférée ne prend qu’une minute. Pas plus de s’attaquer compliqué, code tatillon et configs.

Gestion aisée des utilisateurs

La configuration utilisateur multiple et l’accès à des applications spécifiques n’ont jamais été aussi faciles. Créez des utilisateurs supplémentaires directement à partir de votre tableau de bord admin. Attribuez des quotas, accordez l’accès à certaines applications, bannir les utilisateurs, assigner des utilisateurs à des groupes, afficher l’utilisation actuelle du disque, simuler des utilisateurs et bien plus encore!

Paramètres et configuration

Nous avons ajouté des charges de paramètres et de configurations supplémentaires que vous pouvez ajuster directement à partir du confort de votre tableau de bord QuickBox Pro. Gérez le délai de session, les utilisateurs, la sécurité, le titre du tableau de bord, le montage principal, le domaine du site et bien d’autres paramètres à partir d’une interface facile à utiliser.

Testé et approuvé par la communauté

Nous avons pris notre amour pour la scène un pas de plus et donné aux gens l’occasion de partager leurs suggestions et commentaires au sein de notre place communautaire. Avec des milliers d’installations actives, il n’y a pas de pénurie d’informations et de conversations. Preuve que QuickBox est une solution de serveur multimédia hautement performante et haut de gamme.

Soutien prioritaire
7 jours par semaine

We strive to offer the best possible support to our community and subscribers. From Live Discord Chat, Online Ticket Platform and Forums to our ever growing Knowledge Base, we offer various ways to get the support you need, when you need it.

Développement constant

QuickBox Pro is under constant development. Supporting over 50 applications is a lot of work and requires diligence. We are constantly working to improve and grow! From user submitted bug reports to feature requests, development is constant and releases steady.

Flexibility- Freedom - Ease

We have built QuickBox from the ground up to be ready for a multitude of use-cases. Development is constant and feature requests always encouraged and welcomed.

Whether you are a single user just looking for an easy to use one-click solution or you are looking to cut server costs by offering multi-user experiences for family, friends, or customers; QuickBox has a little something for everyone. Not to mention, we work hard to make it as simple to use as possible and offer world class support at no additional cost!


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Holiday Sale!

To celebrate the Holidays and our ever glowing appreciation for our Community, From now until December 6th save an additional $10 off your annual subscription price.
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We get it, you're not a wizard or a mind reader... or are you? Just in case, here are some of our most frequent questions.

With a subscription or a Lifetime purchase to a QuickBox Pro license(s) you are gaining access to numerous support channels such as our Live Discord Chat, or Plaza forums, and private tickets. Our support staff are always on standby. We’ll help you in the event you face any issues with the QuickBox pro software as well as the verified applications we include.

Nope, we offer a free version (Community Edition) and you can find this on GitHub along with details on how to install. The Community Edition is limited in support from QuickBox.IO staff and development and is a community aimed project.

You can access the Community Edition hosted on GitHub via the link attached below:

Differences between Community and Pro

The similarities pretty much end at the visual aesthetic of the GUI. QuickBox Pro, along with having numerous additional features and enhancements, has constant development and support… even directly from the Core Developers and Founder.

Check out the comparison between QuickBox Pro and QuickBox Community Editions at the link below:

Requirements are set at the bottom of our Subscription and Lifetime product pages.

Choose your poison:   Subscription | Lifetime

We do not currently offer a demo and in so encourage users to first try out the Community Edition.

If you are in the need for more features, quality support, constant developments, and/or would like to pitch in and show your support just order your License key. Setup is super easy and we’re here to help you out from the very beginning… seriously, just open a ticket and ask!

If this is still not enough, we do have a solid guarantee for refunds that you can check just below.

License Keys

QuickBox Pro subscriptions and one-time Lifetime purchases both extend a 3 day no questions asked refund; guaranteed.


All services by QuickBox.IO are available for a full refund up until a ticket has been opened to your account by an agent of QuickBox.IO in regards to your service request(s).
In short; you can get a refund before the delivery of your service request(s) and not after.

In QuickBox Pro, you have around 50 applications that you can quickly and easily install onto your server. Not just that, we’re continually taking requests and adding more!

Check out the below link for more details:

An API Activation is what we consider a one license per physical server/VPS the software (QuickBox Pro) is installed and activated on. Our API Keys can and sometimes are also referred to as License Keys, there is no technical difference other than jargon.

So one (1) API activation purchased monthly would keep one (1) server/VPS activated with QuickBox Pro for one (1) month.

This is not a per user or per IP based activation.

No sensitive data ever touches nor is stored on QuickBox.IO servers. We process payments for all major Credit Cards and accounts through Stripe and PayPal. At this time crypto currency is not accepted.

On the event that your subscription expires, or you should choose to cancel your subscription, QuickBox will still continue to function as will your applications currently installed. However, do note that application installation/removal, multi-user functionality, and updates coupled with on-site priority ticket support will stop.

Well you’re amazing! With QuickBox Pro we do not solicit for donations, however, we do understand that gratitude is sometimes best expressed through a cold tasty brew.


Hey tous les utilisateurs potentiels! Recommander totalement la mise à niveau vers QuickBox Pro pour tous les admins newb. Le personnel a été super utile pour obtenir mon serveur fonctionnant comme un charme. L’équipe ici est deuxième à aucun, et le service est stellaire; Je recommande vivement QuickBox Pro à tout le monde


Ces gars-là sont passionnés par ce projet et il montre dans leur travail et les détails. Je continuerai à soutenir ce groupe aller de l’avant!


Thanks to the warm and friendly staff for all their help. can't mentioned one person since i've had almost 5 assist me over the last 12 hours in fixing multiple issues.. QB Pro is worth much much more then the price they charge for the support alone! :beers:


De loin le meilleur possible les gars les plus favorables et compétents/filles au sujet. N’ont pas eu beaucoup de problème en fait la plupart ont été ma fin, mais l’équipe sont incroyables.


I started with these guys early on, and watched the project and the folks working it. You really should step up to a pro license if you're serious about a good seed box, the customer support is EXCELLENT, and these guys are dedicated to customer support and product improvement. I'm a pro customer and now a lifetime subscriber.

John Beenie (en)

Dois dire que c’était une route bosselée pour commencer car il y avait quelques problèmes avec l’image du système d’exploitation que je ne connaissais pas jusqu’à ce que le personnel vient le long et non seulement aidé avec cela, mais aussi SSH tunneling et Plex etc, grande communauté ici et les gens formidables



We are proud to provide the following additional services to our members
DNS QuickBox
Want to be able to access your QuickBox dashboard from outside of your local network? Don't want to purchase a top level domain and deal with managing SSL certificates and ensuring the DNS server is set up correctly? Why not use our QuickBox DNS service to take the hassle out!
Gestion totale des serveurs
$30.00 /mois
Don't you hate it when a brand new update or security patch gets released and you have to go through updating your server for all applications and then only to find that the new update has made a mess of your server? Do you not want to even think about updating your server and just let it run?
Guru installer
Do you struggle with the command line interface? Do you hate it when you're trying to install a new system and it doesn't go exactly to plan? Why not take the hassle out of it with our Guru Installation service.
RClone Guru
Do you like downloading content but hate having to delete files, media and more to make space on your server for new content? Don't you wish you could expand your storage without having to do a complete new install on a server that has more storage?
Optimisation du serveur
Votre serveur fonctionne-t-il plus lentement qu’avant? Est-ce que cela prend un certain temps pour que vos médias apparaissent dans Plex? Avez-vous envisagé de déplacer des hôtes de serveur en raison des performances de votre serveur?
Service de migration
Migrer vers un tout nouveau serveur peut être une tâche intimidante en veillant à ce que tous les fichiers le rendent sans causer de corruption ou de fichiers de clés manquants. Pourquoi ne pas laisser un de nos gourous autorisés prendre les tracas et migrer votre serveur pour vous.


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Lignes directrices

Veuillez ajouter les bogues trouvés dans QuickBox Pro en utilisant ce modèle :

Rapport de bogue
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Veuillez ajouter des demandes de fonctionnalités pour l'inclusion d'applications dans QuickBox Pro en utilisant ce modèle :

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Veuillez ajouter des demandes de fonctionnalités pour le QuickBox Pro général en utilisant ce modèle :

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Sélectionnez Demande de fonctionnalité générale comme modèle d'édition.

Il n'est pas nécessaire d'avoir un compte pour consulter les problèmes d'affichage ainsi que les demandes de fonctionnalités.

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Vous pouvez créer un compte ici si vous n'en avez pas déjà un.

Nous attendons avec impatience vos rapports ainsi que vos idées et suggestions pour le développement continu du logiciel QuickBox Pro !

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