QuickBox Community IRC and On-Site Support

Part of what makes QuickBox so wonderful is the Community. With a big focus on communication we have decided to bring back IRC and thrown a cherry on top with our new on-site private ticketing system! Looks like 420 is turning out to be a big day already!


QuickBox Community IRC

We’ve brought back the IRC! For those of you geared up with your favorite IRC clients, you can now join us for live discussion. Here’s what you need to know.


You can join us at irc.quickbox.io on port 6667 (default). If you would like to join over SSL, please use the port +6697 (note the + sign in front of the port).

Many of us are familiar with IRC, but for those of you who are not, you will need an IRC client. There are many clients out there, both free, and paid. I personally prefer mIRC, however, as this is a pay-to-play application, it may not be everyone’s preference. Please note that this isn’t so much to review and help troubleshoot IRC clients, as it is a quick guidance to clients available. Here’s a quick list.

Once connected to irc.quickbox.io:+6697

Once you’ve connected to the network, you will need to register your nick. This is a pretty simple process and it’s best practice to try and use your username from the QuickBox.IO website. Understandably, some of us are on many different networks and channels, therefore; this is not a requirement as much as it is a courtesy to the staff and community.

How to Register your nick?

Simple! Do the following:

/msg nickserv register password [email protected]

Substitute password for any password of your choosing, and [email protected] with your email address. Try not to make your password too predictable or guessable, but also avoid using any password you use elsewhere since it’s very easy to accidentally type your password into an IRC channel revealing it to others.

Congrats! You’re nick is now registered.

Join a channel and get talking!

Once you’ve connected to the network and registered your nick, you can join a channel. Type /j #QuickBox to join the QuickBox Community IRC discussion channel. Ask for support, do some general chit-chat, or just lurk in the shadows; we don’t care, just nice to have you there!

Web chat?

Understandably, IRC is not everyone’s cup of tea, therefore, we have simplified the process and integrated our IRC with a front-end Web Chat. You can find our web chat located at chat.quickbox.io. Very simple to use and has the same great features as using IRC with an IRC client. This web chat will be integrated into both the QuickBox Community versions as well as the QuickBox Pro version. We’ll have more on that when it’s available, but it will be very soon! Note: The web chat is using IRC ssl protocols, therefore, accessing via http:// is perfectly secure. We will set this to be https:// supported in the coming days. Update: https:// now fully implemented on web chat.

On-site Private Ticketing support!

Yup, we’ve upped the anti! We’ve now introduced an on-site private ticketing support system for our members. Some of you have already discovered this system upon ordering Guru Installs. In the past, our Guru’s would receive your order, then have to find you on the Forums to open Private Communications about your install. We’ve simplified this for both you and our Guru’s by including communications directly on your order, of course, we have a general Ticket system that can be accessed, even if you don’t have an order.

To see and/or open a ticket in regards to your order here at QuickBox, simply navigate to the ‘My Orders‘ tab. Here, at the bottom of your order details you’ll see an option to open a new ticket, or view your current and past tickets raised.

It’s a very energetic and exciting day here at QuickBox, so stay tuned for more!

Join the discussion at The QuickBox Community Plaza